Adventure High 0.38 is out

2017-08-21 10:02:12 by HypnoChanger

Adventure High 0.38 is finished and the public release was yesterday. I didn't do a fresh upload of this version since I did a fresh upload the month before last. I did update this version of the game to the latest version though:

Here's a list of everything I've added in this version of the game.


- 3 backgrounds updated.
- Hidden objects in dungeon now appear when you are near them.
- Play scene for Mindless Sarah added
- Art for Sarah's Doll Transformation updated
- Play scene for Normal Sarah added
- Art by Caveman Doodles added to Jane's enslavement of Dr. Tiff
- 2 scenes added to the Berserker Cure plotline; second scene occurs immediately after the first if you have enslaved Sarah's Mom
- Play scene for Normal Molly added.
- Play scene for Fuku Molly added.
- Alternate version of second support class with Cassandra for if Dr. Tiff is forced to be ignorant of your slaves added.
- 4 scenes added to dungeon for Ashley's Soul Search. (Starting at floor 12)
- Conclusion to Ashley Cure plotline added.
- Play scene with Ms. Rack as Dan added.
- Play scene with Ms. Rack as Rosa added.
- Play scene with Bimbo Rack added.
- Play scene with Mindless Rack added.
*You can leave her as a piece of furniture in this scene, and reverse the order later.
*Leaving her as furniture causes a scene to play in place of secret classes.
*Leaving her as furniture causes her to be visible in the bedroom.
- Alternate version of Secret Physical classes 1 and 2 added for Bimbo Rack
- Personality Change sequences for Ms. Rack added (Buff Ms. Rack avatar is not yet finished)
- Background for Monster Stable updated
- Note from Mom added after reaching the 7th floor or obtaining 2 slaves
- Alternate ending for Cassandra/Sarahs dungeon plot added, you can use Charm to make Sarah fall in love with Cassandra on the route where Cassandra uses the potion.
- Dying no longer results in the last save being loaded
- Scene added to general loss in battle
- Special loss scene added for loss against Rubber Naga, with art by Hilent.


I am planning to update the clean version of the game as soon as I can. Since a fair amount of the newest content is stuff that would not be available in the clean version I am waiting on getting enough other content finished for it before updating it.


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2017-08-26 05:33:23

How far along into this are you? I mean, if you could put a percentage on it?

HypnoChanger responds:

It's hard to estimate how close it is to being finished. The main story is probably about half-way to the end, but there are a lot of side stories and subplots mixed in. Also, my work pace has been increasing by a lot, so I'm getting a lot more content done in a shorter period of time now than earlier in the game's development.


2017-09-12 03:03:03

Do you have like a patreon or something for this. Cause Ild like to see this game keep going

HypnoChanger responds:

Sorry about the slow reply, I hadn't logged into newgrounds for a little bit due to hurricane Harvey. I do have a Patreon page, it's


2017-10-20 15:07:31

where is the list of things you added for 0.39? and 0.40? or is my computer just being stupid?

HypnoChanger responds:

I didn't make a post last month because the update was small due to hurricane Harvey. I just made a post for this month and last month's updates: