Entry #13

Adventure HIgh 0.40 is now out

2017-10-20 18:44:54 by HypnoChanger

So, Hurricane Harvey took his best stab at stopping me from working on the game last month. The update was smaller as a result but this month I believe has a decent sized update. You can play the current latest version here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/700869


Here's what's new in the last couple updates:

0.39 Updates:

- Mouse Controls for Dialogue added.
- You can now cast Stone Skin to make Ms. Rack a wooden figure when making her pose as furniture.
- Play scene for Buff Ms. Rack added, with art by Caveman Doodles.
- 1 scene added to Fun Time Sarah plotline
- Bad end added for losing to Slime Girl in dungeon.
- 2 scenes added to Succubus Bad Ending with art by Caveman Doodles
- Normal Erin play scene added
- Dragon Erin play scene added
- Country Erin play scene added
- Mindless Erin play scene added

0.40 Updates:

- 2 monsters added.
- 2 floors added to the dungeon.
- 1 scene added for Reese (Must reach Floor 16, but not enter the hidden path).
- Reese can be recruited into party.
- Copy spells added for Reese.
- 1 scene added to Mysterious Revenge plotline.
- Wooded area (inside barrier) added to the right of the Lake.
- Bad end for losing to Flower Girl added.
- Personality Change Sequences added for Reese
- Living Room added to player's house.
- Kitchen added to player's house.
- Art for Monster Shop updated.
- 2 Monster Hunting quests added. (can only do one or the other)
- 3 scenes added to Eric Suspicion plotline, with art by Caveman Doodles for one path.
- Intel on Eric added.
- 1 spell added for Dan/Rosa
- Buff personality Ms. Rack avatar added for updated avatars
- All personality change sequences added for Eric
- Play scene for Mindless Eric added
- Play scene for Twin Eric Added
- Play scene for Normal Eric Added
- Play scene for Country Eric Added


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2017-10-21 15:02:18

Sweet love the game

HypnoChanger responds:



2017-11-20 18:09:41

Waiting for the next update of this great game! (Today hopefully since its the 20th)
Keep up the great work. (Even that might be asking for alot since its a free game)

HypnoChanger responds:

I'm working on trying to change it over to HTML5 to keep updating it here (since HTML5 has a limit of 250mb) but I can't update it here for now because I passed the swf limit of 100mb. You can play the newest version here though: https://hypnochanger.itch.io/adventure-high-hentai-game


2018-01-01 00:41:33

Are you still updating on newgrounds if not is there any where else we can play it because the link https://hypnochanger.itch.io/adventure-high-hentai-game does not work for me

HypnoChanger responds:

Unfortunately, I can't update on here anymore due to the filesize limit. The game exceeded the 100mb limit for flash, and HTML5 is not working right. You might try gamejolt instead if itch.io isn't working for you. https://gamejolt.com/games/adventure-high/191489