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The animation was good, and the fight was decently choreographed; however, the concept seems flawed. The focus on the count-down from 50 seconds makes it seem like it's the character pulling off a great feat, however, having the robot masters each explode in one shot makes it feel cheap as a result.

If you dropped the speed-run aspect, since it is ultimately meaningless, and extended the fight to have some highs and lows rather than a consistent barrage of action I feel like the fight would have been much more enjoyable.

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Tried it a few times, lost every time and eventually quit. It's a mostly good game, but there are just a couple of mistakes that while a small part of the game as a whole, sour the entire experience for me, personally.

The enemy is not always able to be hit; having the enemy suddenly become intangible when doing an attack is very unsatisfying. Worse still, sometimes the enemy is just invincible for no reason at all, even though he isn't attacking. This makes it very confusing when you should be attacking him, or when you should not be.

A second major issue is the lack of recovery. Most attacks in the game seem to be designed to lock you into being hit repeatedly, throwing you directly into the path of where it will be in a moment when you fall back into it.

The cat is an extremely annoying example of this; if it hits you, you're just stuck bouncing along it's body taking damage repeatedly until you get to the other side. You have no agency, you can't do anything but just take the damage over and over again. It's not fun.

I'm sure i'm either an inch or two away from either beating it or reaching a third form but I've lost interest. These things make the game too unpleasant for me to play in spite of the good graphics and otherwise satisfying gameplay. If these are not things that bother you, you'll probably enjoy it a lot, but they are unfortunately things that cause the experience not to be fun to me.

It's a fun game, but the difficulty curve could use some refinement. It seems like the game starts off with a couple relatively easy tracks then hits you with double the speed and three times the button presses all at once. It's like playing Psychonauts and getting the meat circus stage directly following the first tutorial level. You need to give the player time to acclimate to the controls and build up to that level of play.

This is an interesting concept. I think my only major complaint is that the coins are tedious to keep up with. I ended up using both hands to play with one hand just tapping the "pick up coins" button nonstop and the other hand to use the traps. I believe if you could come up with a more novel mechanic to deal with the coins; or had fewer coins which were worth more, that would help the game improve.

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