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The animation was good, and the fight was decently choreographed; however, the concept seems flawed. The focus on the count-down from 50 seconds makes it seem like it's the character pulling off a great feat, however, having the robot masters each explode in one shot makes it feel cheap as a result.

If you dropped the speed-run aspect, since it is ultimately meaningless, and extended the fight to have some highs and lows rather than a consistent barrage of action I feel like the fight would have been much more enjoyable.

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This is an interesting concept. I think my only major complaint is that the coins are tedious to keep up with. I ended up using both hands to play with one hand just tapping the "pick up coins" button nonstop and the other hand to use the traps. I believe if you could come up with a more novel mechanic to deal with the coins; or had fewer coins which were worth more, that would help the game improve.

Not fun at all. Sorry. It's basically just "avoid the enemy" with extra steps to waste your time. The RPG combat system is entirely fluff if you are incapable of winning against the monsters until I presume the very end of the game when the vendor shows up. I tested fighting the weaker enemy before it evolved as an adult and as a fighter, both were impossible to win due to no skills and the stats being set for the monster to have the advantage. Instead of having a time-wasting combat system, you might as well just have an automatic death each time you get caught. It would waste less of the player's time.

What I would suggest to make the experience better would be a shift in the goal from killing three monsters to reaching the end of your chosen evolution chain, or defeating a final boss; then having enemies who you can actually defeat chase you, and would wear you down over time. It could then keep the general strategy of trying to avoid combat with the monsters; as fighting too often would result in your health being depleted, but it would give the RPG combat a chance to actually be utilized throughout the game.

DominikFr responds:

First of all THIS is a good proper and helpful feedback! (sorry)
So thanks that you have taken time writing all of this things down.

The goal shift sounds pretty good + i will decrease the difficulty on the first stages..
Since the one shot isn't fair for the player.

I will also think about the autmatic death thing.. because it would also be an idea (probably on the first two stages to avoid the combat)

Thanks again for this critic


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