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Hey everyone,

It's been a very long time coming, but I've finally reached Feature Complete for Spiral Clicker, which is the first of my main projects to reach this state. I've been fairly excited for it as actually finishing something is a fairly significant milestone/goal for a creator, and feature-complete is sort of the "almost there!" point.

Feature Complete more or less means that every feature that will be in the game, is now in the game. I still need to go over the polishing, optimizing, and bug fixing, but I will no longer need to program any new original code for the game, so I won't be introducing anything new that can break to the game.

There will still be updates to the game, as I will keep adding characters in the meantime, but I will be switching Spiral Clicker to a slower update cycle of roughly bi-monthly so as to give myself more time to work on bug fixes and optimization tweaks without the pressure of a looming deadline. Many long-standing bugs are still present pretty much exactly because they will require deeper troubleshooting than I have time for in a rapid monthly dev cycle.

This upcoming update is a big one; it not only adds the final minigame, but it also adds three new characters to collect. Here's what's coming up in this new update:

- Dungeon Minigame added to new special area.

- Dominya added to game.

- 5 CGs added for Dominya.

- 2 convos added for Dominya.

- Queen added to game.

- 5 CGs added for Queen.

- Liandra added to game.

- 5 CGs added for Liandra.

If you want to support my work, and see the latest update early, it is up right now on my patreon here:



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