Adventure High 0.32 is out

2017-02-20 11:32:05 by HypnoChanger

I finished version 0.32 of Adventure High, and have both the normal and clean versions updated. This update is a fair bit larger than usual; hoping I can keep that momentum going. Here's what's new in this version:

- 1 new Caveman Doodles drawing added to Mass Bimbofication Ending
- Updated drawings by Marc Ledesma added to Val's Library Scene
- Now able to hide/unhide UI by pressing Shift.
- New character sprite in dungeon added
- Scene added for Sarah and Cassandra. Scene can occur at random when Sarah and Cassandra are both in your party in the dungeon.
- 4 new Slave Chatter scenes added. (Slave Julia/Maid Cassandra, Tough Sarah/Slave Cassandra, Bimbo Val/Slutty Julia, and Normal Cassandra/Normal Sarah)
- 3 new scenes for Sarah and Cassandra added. Scenes occur in the dungeon randomly and sequentially if you prevent them from fighting each other in their first interaction.
- 1 new scene for Erin added
- 2 scenes added for Cassandra in town, connected to previous dungeon scenes.
- First date for Julia added
- Submissive Plotline Added; Losing to Cassandra during the duel leads to her declaring herself your Mistress. The immediate effects of this are:
- Cassandra is permanently affixed to the 2nd party slot
- She will demand healing during battle on your turn if mildly wounded or worse; disobeying reduces affection, obeying increases affection.
- She will attack you as punishment if her affection falls below 0; this resets affection to 10
- 3 new scene as Cassandra's Slave added.
- Updated artwork added to Julia's grapple scene by Caveman Doodles
- Sarah can be turned into Cassandra's slave
- Cheat code added for quick starts; Use The Legendary Code while in the bedroom to get 10k EXP and gems, and 500 proficiency in all schools


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2017-02-21 11:33:27

Awesome, I'll have to play through again to try the new stuff.

Thanks for the game!

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks :) I'm trying to do my best on it.


2017-02-24 16:55:22

Whats the legendary cheat code?

HypnoChanger responds:

In the bedroom, input most of the Konami Code (the up up, down down, left right, left right B A part)


2017-02-25 19:02:54

Thank you hypno btw amazing game.. how do i get erin?

HypnoChanger responds:

It has a somewhat detailed path to get to it. I have the detailed instructions in the individual enslavements section of the walkthough here: