Adventure High 0.31 is here!

2017-01-21 20:57:22 by HypnoChanger

Adventure High 0.31 is now out, and you can play it here:


Here's what's new in this version of the game:


- 2 updated drawings added to Mass Bimbo ending.
- Intro screen updated.
- Menu redesigned.
- HP now persistent between battle.
- Can now cast magic from menu, only Boost for now.
- 1 scene added for Erin, with splash image.
- Erin now enslavable.
- Erin Avatar updated.
- Molly's updated alternate forms added.
- Updated art added to Dr. Tiff's enslavement.
- Sex change potion added to store.
- Health potion added to store, and can be used from menu.
- Items can now be used by party members under direct control.
- Item Store is now available once you reach the 4th floor of the dungeon, instead of after Jane's second lesson.
- Erin Personality Change sequences added.


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2017-01-23 19:34:19

Awesome :D