Adventure High 0.25 coming on the 20th

2016-07-14 16:41:43 by HypnoChanger

I've managed to make a fair bit of progress with this next update. The reveal for Sarah's backstory is in this one, as well as several new spells, and some new artwork. Here's a full list of what's coming up on the 20th.


- 1 new spell for Sarah
- 2 new spells for Dan/Rosa
- 3 new spells for Julia
- outcomes added for Flirt Spell in three of Val's scenes.
- New scene added for Val's willing submission plot.
- Massive scene at the Lake involving Sarah added.
- 4 scenes added for Sarah's alternate plot if you refuse to go with her
- Updated avatars for Sarah, and a Ghost added
- Flirt Spell lesson added for Heroic route
- Added new scene for Jane.
- New artwork added for Ms. Rack's enslavement sequence.

The new update is available for patrons now, so if you want to get a look at it early, it's only one dollar on Patreon.


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2016-07-27 23:31:46

This is great news, as always!

So, when's dirty 0.25 going to make it to NG?

HypnoChanger responds:

I updated the latest version of it on here to the latest version. I just kept the title the same in case it might affect saves.


2016-08-10 23:50:50

so this is the clean version of adventure high 0.25. Are you going to make the other version of this game or just turn this one into the adult version? Sorry for asking simple question and if the word phrase is not right I am not that good with words. Hope you keep making games you are good at it.

HypnoChanger responds:

I'm updating both versions at the same time; what I've done is basically create a "clean" variable so that the game won't display certain images and changes some dialogue to be less explicit when it's set to 1, so I make the normal game update, and release it, then change the clean variable to 1, then release that as the clean version.