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Making fast progress on Adventure High 0.17

2015-11-13 23:30:41 by HypnoChanger

(Just a note, this post refers to an M rated game, so if you don't like those, this post might not be relevant to you.)

I was actually a bit surprised by how well recieved Adventure High was; I was almost certain I would just be called weird by most people and maybe get a few pieces of usable feedback mixed in. For the most part though, I've gotten a lot of encouraging comments, and a ton of feedback that will be useful for helping me make the game better.

I'd like to be able to act on all the feedback I got at once, but a lot of must-have features that have been suggested to me are too complex for me to complete all in one update, but I have managed to squeeze more features and content into this update in a shorter period of time than I have for any other update. This is partly due to the encouragement making it easier to work longer at a stretch, and also due to getting some help with the monster art from Abjectus.

0.17 is getting fairly close to completion. So, I thought I would make a news post with the features that I have currently completed and being tested in the live version of the game.

- Cassandra Intel available from Julia
- Intel available from controlled Julia, if she is in her normal personality.
- 1 new Julia (controlled, normal personality) scene added.
- 1 scene added for Sarah and Cassandra
- ~5 scenes added for Cassandra
- Cassandra is now recruitable
- Cassandra is now able to be put under your control
- Cassandra Library scenes added
- Cassandra personality change sequences added
- Duel with Cassandra added
- 1 new monster
- 2 old monsters' artwork replaced
- 1 new floor added
- 1 new note added
- 1 new secret class
- New interactions added for Julia's intel
- Old dungeon battle background replaced
- Val's greetings in bedroom when enslaved expanded to match each personality
- 2 new "Slave Chatter" scenes added (Random chance of a chatter scene playing out when entering your bedroom.)

The live updates version of the game is a Patreon reward for Patrons pledging $3.00 or more. So, if you would like to try out these features right away and see new features as soon as they come out, you can check out my Patreon campaign here: https://www.patreon.com/Changer?ty=h


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